Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A touch of Androgyny!

Hmm..urrghh...ok..not the right outfit for today, but, you can thank me when the time is right. So, yes we all gotta gear up for our transition wardrobe and this outfit might just give you an idea of how to bid a farewell to this torturous cold nip in the air. This look is simple yet edgy and you can take it from work to party without making any changes whatsoever, other than maybe unbuttoning the collar. 

I settled on an embroidered black fitted high waisted shorts. For a balanced look in terms of androgyny, I wore it with a simple anti-fit georgette peter pan collared shirt and Red Mary Jane pumps.

Point to be noted: I am flaunting naturally permed hair. No heat, no fuss. All you gotta do is, spend an hour in separating your hair into multiple sections and make lil braids (remember more the braids, more the volume), leave the braids overnight, sleep in a very uncomfortable head position too and count sheeps backwards to wake up to a new you. Ok, no kidding, it isn't easy sleeping with braids on, but, hey!No pain,no gain.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Layer love!

Season of layers is going to end soon, so, lets just make most of it while we still can. Here I present to you yet another layered look that I absolutely fell in love with the moment I tried it on. Playing dress up in front of the mirror isn't a waste after all. I always wear a collared shirt underneath my jumpers. This jumper is pretty special coz of its boho feel with all the tassels and beaded embroidery across the shoulders and sleeves. A thin waist belt is my go to accessory and this look couldn't have done without one, even when the woolen skirt hugs me at all the right places. Added a cape style trench coat, and this look grew on me even more. You can tell how cleverly I tricked my high socks to team up with matching heels to look one piece, yay! And, last but not the least, some roses for a love struck look. This was the trickiest part coz fresh roses wouldn't have gone well with my outfit and dry roses aren't sold commercially. Well, Sun came to my rescue. Luckily they were ready on time coz Sun just doesn't disappoint at drying life out of anything, sshhhh! Okay, so, I am hoping for cold to survive just as long as it takes for me to post all the winter looks I have on my hard drive already. Final words, you wear layers, layers don't wear you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I am not a fan of winters, but I don't complain much when I see layers working their magic on my frame. It was a strange emotion when a warmer winter started making me sad and all I wished for, were a few more chilly days. And, yes, my wish came knocking, with a chilly day like a second chance at life. Ok, too much weather report for one outfit post, right?

Military green with Marsala tone is one of my favourite color combos in winters. I kept the top, skirt and the overcoat in the same color to look taller and leaner, however, if you could still guess my height, you are not human. Spiked collar is to give an illusion of another layer and thin waist belt is to define my non-existent waist.

I have been keeping an arms distance from jewellery lately, coz I have a feeling they do not go well with layered look and take the attention away from cozy, comforting layers. So, minimal accessories is my winter thang.  

I hope there are no new winter wear that you were waiting to take a tag off, coz if you were, this is your last call, it's now or never.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Diamonds for tears!

My first outfit post in 2016 had to be extra girly, extra sugary, a lil vintage and very ladylike. I am for sure a time traveller, just not sure what timeline I belong too. So, I never restrict my fashion inspiration to just one fashion era.

This time my inspiration were button up skirts. I've been looking for one in A-line shape for ages, but, these pretty styles are hard to recreate for petite girls like me. So, obviously my size kept haunting my search. However, you know I never give up on my lust list. So, I designed it myself and hence so much of love at styling it to perfection. One can never go wrong in high-waisted skirts and layered look. I have about 4 layers on me right now. A sphagetti top, a shirt, a cardigan and a cape Jacket. Clever styling makes even your inexpensive clothes live upto a very expensive look. With just lil twists to your outfits, you are sure to look like someone who has just stepped out of a time machine, without having to travel back and forth in time. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Work mode to party mode!

This outfit is for those who are working on New year's eve and would be headed to the party straight from work later in the night. If you are struggling at styling one outfit that hits all the check boxes, check out options that double up as both, work and party wear. A black tube sequinned skirt is a clever buy. It's an off shoulder tube dress that works equally great as a tube skirt. So, during the working hours wear it as a skirt and later for the party pull it up and wear it as a dress. Tada!! You won't have to carry anything else along, other than your wild party spirit, of course!